The Zombie Pig Cop is a variation of the Pig Cop exclusive to Duke Nukem: Total Meltdown and its exclusive episode, Plug 'N' Pray. This Pig Cop is a zombie that wanders the Gates Motel level and certanly is a nod to the zombie enemies from the first Resident Evil games, as the level is a nod to the first Resident Evil title. On the maximum difficulty, there is a total of thirty one Zombie Pig Cops.


They are met early in the level and are often found on hallways, in rooms or behind doors. They behave like an ordinary Pig Cop, but using two handguns instead of the shotgun similarly to the Pig-in-a-Dress.

This Pig Cop is grayish/blue in color and it seems that iron bars hold their wounded body parts - like the arms or legs - together. This also affects his movements a little, but not notably. They wear the same police uniforms, which is highly damaged, with tears, scars and blood stains all over it. The L.A.R.D. vest is visible and there is blood splattered on it. They have gray fur instead of brown. Their red eyes are visible and have the same mohawks. He also has a vibrating, growling zombie voice.

This version of the Pig Cop may be a reincarnation of dead a Pig Cop, since it is a zombie (or maybe a vampire) and highly resembles them in their appearance, wearing the same uniform.

Combat analysis Edit

Weapon effectivenesses
Mighty Foot
10 kicks
17 shots
2 shots
Chaingun Cannon
12 shots
1 rocket
1 pipebomb
1 blast
Microwave Expander
7 shots
3 rockets
Laser Tripbomb
1 mine
4-5 shots
  • Note: The values given for the Shotgun and the explosive weapons are minimum values only.


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